XCFramework for MacOS fails to build, why isn't it available as an asset?

I just started using OpenCV, so, forgive me if i ask a question that has been answered before (i could not find one)

i cannot build the XCFramework using “build_xcframework.py” in platforms/apple

it fails to compile tensorflow.versions.cc, without any useful message
so i tried to compile that file on it’s own, i got a message telling C++14 or better is required

the OpenCV xcode project build settings are set to default
i could not find a way to fix this

it would be so nice to have a complete XCFramework, including for macs with Arm, and Intel CPU’s

i have spend hours, days on this, i just cannot get this to work
when i build a pure C++ tool using CLion, i spent less than 2 minutes, just added a couple of lines to the CMakelist, perfect

i think that the scripts to build the XCFramework are broken
if not, could it be my environment ? i have a 5 year old Intel macbook pro, with all the latest software.

my tool works perfectly, but i want to create a C++ app with a Objective C wrapper, self contained

no user is ever going to install OpenCV with brew.