Yolov3-Tiny Error with OpenCV version 4.6.0 related to readNet


Im currently working on an object detection project, I have a custom trained yolov3-tiny model that I want to put onto my raspberry pi 5 and detect the custom object. Im using opencv version 4.6.0 and when I run this command I get an error:
net = cv2.dnn.readNet(cfg,weight)

cv2.error: OpenCV(4.6.0) ./modules/dnn/src/darknet/darknet_io.cpp:902 error: (-212:Parsing error) Unknown layer type: in function ‘ReadDarknetFromCfgStream’

Currently the variables cfg and weight are variables holding the exact path to each respective file, I’ve read that there could be incompatibility issues with yolov3-tiny with opencv but couldn’t find anything matching my exact issue.

Another error I’ve been having is that I cant ‘pip3 install opencv-python’ it just errors out saying its an issue with the package and not pip.

Would it be beneficial to just try and use an older version of opencv? If so what would be the version/apt command to do it.

Id greatly appreciate any input!