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Hello everyone, I wanted to present an idea about an augmented reality game that a friend and I intend to develop, so we would like you to comment a little about the idea and what you think, as well as recommendations and tips at the time of your development, thank you very much in advance.

The application is responsible for simulating a gymkhana in real life through augmented reality. This allows you to join gymkana games already created by the game itself, games by other users or create your own gymkana to make other users participate.

The game is based on completing a series of objectives until reaching the end. These begin with a first clue, upon reaching the place indicated by the clue, the application will rely on the GPS and the use of markers to identify if the user has found the indicated place where, either the next clue is unlocked or unlocks the ability to enter the answer to a riddle. Churches will be recognizable places like bars, restaurants, parks, museums, etc.

In addition to this, for each objective experience is received, and if the entire gymkhana is completed, an experience bonus is received for the next game. When you reach a certain amount of experience you level up.

With that level you can unlock content such as gymkhana of greater difficulty as well as more options in creating your own gymkhana. You can create your own gymkhanas by selecting places of interest and associating yourself with tracks with which to advance. Optionally, you can limit the time you have to complete the gymkana.

and how would that be related to opencv, a computer-vision library ?
(why are you asking here ?)

Because we need some opinions about people how know about AR, and this is a good forum for that.


Computer vision is wildly wide. As a blind guide I can point out some basics:

Python first, C++ last
Try you algorithm in Python. It won’t perform as fast as in C++. Leave the performance issue for later, try, test, rewrite in Python until you are sure that’s what you need. Then port it to C++.

Do tutorials and play with demos
Computer vision solutions is often a complex system, meaning they combine a sequence of functions from different technologies. The main general conclusion about complex system:

  • you won’t (low chance) find them already done, ready to copy and paste
  • they won’t work by simply copy and paste, you need to understand each step
  • you need to be comfortable with every step, understanding the functions and their arguments

So, I advise to try each function appart changing arguments in a demo.

Find the technology set that suit your problem
AR is a good starting point. Mark based or markless? You can go through ARUCo markers if you are allowed to use markers.

Thanks a lot! We just started programming AR, and we were sort of lost because it’s quite new for us. Your post has been very helpful to start our project. Best regards.

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