Futuristic implementations ideas with OpenCV

Thinking big, no matter if you dont know how do it, or your can never finance such crazy idea.

Have you imagined some application of OpenCV to daily life that currently doesnt exist and it would be nice to have it?

No ideas, well, here goes my grazy idea:

My idea is a system like this https://www.youtube.com/@StopLift/videos but taken to the extreme.

A monitoring computer vision system for grocery stores, hypermarkets and retail in general, that monitors every item that customer put in the basket.

In the beginning can be useful to stop lifts like the previous system, but once well developed and tested, it could be the end of the barcode.

Imagine a system when you came to the cash register of a store, the complete list of all the items in your basket appears in the screen, taken from the computer vision of the CCTV cameras of the store.

Such system can be hard to develop, but once developed it’s the same for all stores. It can run in the cloud, so stores only had to deploy 4k cameras connected to internet.

Comments and others crazy ideas are welcome!

It became true already.

China has such mini store and sell machines, based on computer vision.

Computer vision is a quite mature area for years.

Not to mention, Tesla cars run on road with cameras.

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Can you provide a url of a video with that technology working in China?

I know Carrefour hypermarkets are in China, but they work in the same way than in the West.

It would be wonderful arrive with your shopping cart to cash register and a monitor showing a complete list of items inside, making possible a very fast payment.