Welcome to OpenCV Forum!

Welcome to the new and improved OpenCV Forum! We’re excited to finally have a better option for discussion, questions, and answers that can be used from multiple platforms including mobile devices and tablets.

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is an open source computer vision and machine learning software library. OpenCV was built to provide a common infrastructure for computer vision applications and to accelerate the use of machine perception in the commercial products. Being a BSD-licensed product, OpenCV makes it easy for businesses to utilize and modify the code.

This forum exists to connect you with other OpenCV users and library maintainers for high-quality discourse and assistance. Please refer to the Privacy and Data Use Policy for more information about how your information is used and shared.

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Starting December 3rd, 2020, please use this forum for discussion, questions and so on. The existing Askbot forum is deprecated and will be removed in a few months.



@tim will the existing posts be migrated across?


Is there a discussion of why opencv would continue it’s own forum rather than using stackoverflow?

After a discussion among the moderators, the current consensus is to not try to migrate existing posts. Popular posts will be migrated/converted as needed to populate the new forum. Older posts are often out of date once a new version of OpenCV is released.

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Interesting, off the top of my head I can only think of stickys, announcements and upcoming features for people who are new to OpenCV and not already on github.


It would be a shame if all the urls to questions became broken- ideally all the content would be migrated and urls would forward to the new versions.

Short of that maybe answers.opencv.org could be turned static and everything preserved there?


The new forum uses the Discourse platform, which has excellent support and a variety of apps for mobile and tablet devices, as well as email notification to users. OpenCV.org does not control content policy for stackoverflow or other platforms, and we want to ensure that this community can maintain high consistent standards for discussion that meet community member needs, and not 3rd party needs.

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Yes. The current plan is to maintain the Askbot forum site to maintain links, search results, and so on. This should minimize the disruption. As you mention, we are going to put the current forum into a “static” read-only state so that we can preserve all that knowledge there without trying to do a partial (never 100% successful) migration.

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I should have said in my first post that its a great move to have a new forum, thanks to whoever put the work in, the old forum was from the dark ages.

Yes, we’re pretty excited to be moving into the 21st Century. Finally. :woozy_face:

Edit: Also nice to have tablet and phone access now.


good job Vision overlords. lol

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Hi everyone, good to be here

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New forum looks very appealing. I am happy to see it. I hope this makes more people jump in to the forums and share their knowledge.

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StackOverflow is great and people will continue finding answers there also.

In addition to supporting the OpenCV library, having an independent OpenCV forum ensures

  1. We can support users of our products like OpenCV AI Kit.
  2. We can support users in our competitions like OpenCV Spatial AI Competition.
  3. People have an easy way to suggest / discuss bugs and features.

From now on, the OpenCV Team will also actively maintain the forum and recruit volunteers to help us out.

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I agree, there is a lot of useful contents, happy to hear from the staff that it is not going to be erased :slight_smile:

@tim, thanks for the invite to this new forum, that clearly people have been working hard to put together. One thing I might miss is many of the topic areas from the askbot site, since I usually filter for things related to 3d calibration, stereo, depth detection, and the like - which is an admittedly narrow area of interest. It isn’t immediately evident to me how one sets topics or whether they are generated automagically from content or search attempts, or if I can highlight or filter posts or topics for my primary interest areas.

Please do not take this as a complaint in any way! I am so appreciative of your efforts… and know you haven’t had time to put together a comprehensive FAQ, so I thought, since I am curious, I might as well ask, because there’s usually someone else with the same question who hasn’t asked.

Thanks for the reminder @opalmirror. I have turned on tags and will be populating some of the most popular ones tomorrow, as per existing Askbot tags. Look for new tags soon. Tomorrow I will post another topic about tags and let people suggest additional tags to add. Leaders and moderators can also add tags on demand.


Perfect. Looking forward to it.

BTW, I think this forum should also need a FAQ.

Otherwise it will be filled even faster with questions like please solve my homework or I need a face-detector code