Suggestion: new forum categories: New Feature Proposal, Change Proposal

Recently a researcher came to OpenCV’s GitHub issues page and made a suggestion about contributing an implementation of a new algorithm to OpenCV.

Typically, new feature implementation involves lengthy discussions. I thought that it would be good idea for the discussion to be hosted on (as opposed to on the GitHub issues page).

For that to happen, I would like to have new discussion categories “New Feature Proposal”, so that this type of discussions can be properly categorized for browsing and retrieval.


the core devs (Intel) probably prefer to keep it all in one place, github, because such discussions ideally lead to a pull request and review, and splitting that over different sites strikes me as inconvenient.

I wouldn’t mind them showing their faces here once in a while though. so far, the forum (and the emails I get) appear to be “first level support” and customer relations, something that needs to exist so the customers don’t bother the core devs. the way I phrase it makes it sound as if I minded spending time on a project that is a commercial success to both Intel and countless companies worldwide that benefit from free support.