Hey can anyone explain me about contributing and setting environment on my laptop

AM trying to contribute on this platform but am unable to send pull request and I didn’t created any git repo’s.
If anyone knows please explain me to complete it.

What are you talking about?

the usual crowd that is told “open source contributions would good on your resume” and “… would distinguish you from your 10000 class mates” so they go out and pick big projects and go like “I want to contribute”. all 10000 of them.

google’s first result for “opencv contribute” is a wiki article explaining how to do it. either that’s not as easy to find as we think or it lacks the intimate guidance (:people_holding_hands:) expected by that crowd.

on IRC, they usually move on quicker than I can check the chat window. depending on mood, I may drop the wiki link or not.

I’ve never seen anyone come back with any kind of questions. OpenCV is not low hanging fruit.

I wish I weren’t capable of noticing patterns, or cynism. cursed brain.

I’m saying about I wanted to contribute but I’m not getting enough resources to learn.

Thanks for the suggestion