Book Review/Feedback - Learning OpenCV Computer Vision with Python 3

Hello all,

Packt Publishing and I are planning to update one of our successful books, Learning OpenCV Computer Vision with Python 3, and we would like to seek your insights and feedback. Gathering insights from the community will surely help us to craft a great book and serve the community better.

If you would be interested in giving your feedback, please let us know and @Denim_Pinto at Packt will share an eBook copy of the current edition for your review.

Thanks for considering this request.

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Joseph Howse


not sure what’s the scope but be aware that OpenCV v5.0 is coming closer…

you might have heard of the OpenCV Evolution (OE) wiki articles. I’m excited for some of those (replacement for highgui/viz/…) but I don’t think they’ll “drop” with the v5.0 release. they might start being worked on however.

the new number just means v4.x API will kinda-freeze, aiui, and the v5.x branch gives opportunity for renovations.

(I’m just a volunteer with a crystal ball)

I am a novice but I would be willing to provide feedback.

Thanks for sharing some really good insights @crackwitz . I am sure once you have a copy of the ebook, there would be some more valuable information to share. Can you provide me with your email address please, so I can share along a copy of the ebook?

Happy to know that @kwgish Can you please share you email address and so I can share a copy of the ebook?


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I was wondering if you received the ebook copy @kwgish ?


Any updates regarding writing articles or running a forum?

Ken Gish