Camera quality / tweaks for crisp images

Just got the OAK-1, nice device! Having trouble getting good quality imaging on 20-30cm distances out of it though. Even in daylight/office-ligh, the results have extreme contrast.

my wish is to achieve something like this (taken with a consumer Canon camera)

this is what I get with the highest res. Not sure what settings are there, I think all defaults

(still learning how to just use it to capture a still and how to tweak the camera hardware settings)

that looks upsampled, i.e. digitally zoomed…

consider the “PCB surface” resolution you need. then you can throw the OAK away and get an industrial camera with suitable lens to have some suitable zoom and depth of focus (height of PCB components) to capture all the details on an assembled PCB.

the OAK may be okay for prototyping your application. it doesn’t have optical zoom, so you’d have to get very close to the PCB with it, which reduces depth of focus.