CameraCalibration algorithms in calibrateCamera

Hi everyone,
I want to know more about cv2:: calibrateCamera() in python and whether it is using Tsai, or zhang method or …? Any help would be appreciated as I couldn’t find much in the Documentation!

I looked in the code briefly and didn’t find any references to the specific algorithm. I don’t think it uses the Tsai method (I think that requires a 3D calibration target). Also I think it is generally agreed that, while the Tsai algorithm was great for the time, it has long been eclipsed by newer algorithms.

I had thought that OpenCV used the Zhang algorithm, but I recall reading a thread (maybe on this forum) that said it did not use the Zhang method for patent reasons. This is just based on memory and I don’t have any references to back this up. Maybe someone else knows?


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If you are using a recent version of OpenCV, you are using a method implemented from this paper: OpenCV: Bibliography

See more information from this pull request:

Before, the implementation was based on:


Thank you for providing those references, Eduardo!

Hi Eduardo Thanks for your answer. Do you have any previous experience with using this method for non-planar objects and the accuracy it could give? I have problems with providing an initial value for its intrinsic Matrix that the method asks for