Calibration with non-planar model

Hello everyone. I wanted to use cameracalibrate() function from opencv for a data in which the z axis is not 0. My question is how exactly I should give distortion, tvecs, rvecs, flags, and criteria as inputs of the function. I would appreciate if anyone could give me an example of the syntax because I could not find it for python.

are you talking about calibrateCamera() ?

those are actually the outputs of it (along with the cameraMatrix)

have a look at the python tutorial

For the situation in which the z axis is zero for all points, you are right. But for the condition where z is not zero, the distCoeffs, rvecs, tvecs, criteria, and flag should be given as input, otherwise we get an error. Please look at the CameraCalibrate() in the link below:

show us your situation. show us a picture of your model.

termination criteria and flags are required anyway.

for your non-planar situation, rvec and tvec are the only vital parameters to initialize. distCoeffs can be initialized to all-zero.

do you have an approximate pose of the model relative to the camera?