Comparing ROI coordinates from one image to another?

Hello all,
New user here. I’m trying to find somewhere that will actually get attention. I’ve asked some questions on the OpenCV reddit page before and other places but usually doesn’t get many views/ responses. Just want to brainstorm/ have a conversation.

I have a question but first I’ll do a little explaining what I’ve got/ what I’m planning.
I currently have two Raspberry Pi 4’s. I have a single Pi Camera attached to one and a Stereo vision device on the other.
I’m currently only running a program with the Pi Camera and running a program utilizing a mask/ contour/ other processes to establish the biggest contour in an image, then adding a bounding rect. So I have the coordinates of my bounding rect. in my image frame. [Future] I then want to take an image with the stereo vision set up which will give out a depth map/ whether that be point map or just 2D image. I want to use the bounding rect. ROI from the real image to check those pixel coordinates on the stereo vision image to ensure that there is in fact depth (of some set threshold) to the contour.
Note: I planned on using rsync or scp to send the Pi Camera image to the Pi running Stereo vision to run the process of finding the contour. Is there a better way around this?

Does this make sense to do it this way? Also, what could a method be to make this attainable?

Any help is appreciated!

just to clarify: you have two cameras, each on a separate host? and you want to use RGB data from one camera together with Depth data from the second camera, instead of taking both RGB and D data from a single camera?

rsync is a horrible idea. you don’t want to move files between file systems.

use something like Robot Operating System for distributing your data, or maybe PyZMQ and some utility functions to handle numpy arrays.

Sorry, I completely left out the part the system is mobile and will not be connected to an network. I’m not sure if that effects your answer or not with the PyZMQ as I’m not initially familiar with it. But I yes I have a stereo vision set-up (Link here) on one Pi and then a normal Pi camera on another Pi. They do produce a camera array board but I don’t believe you can put the normal camera along side them together.