Compilation of the test project with Visual Studio 2019 get error

I have a problem with compilation of test program with OpenCV library. The project has follows setting of the project:

As Links-General-Addition Library Directories I had putted ‘Z:\WI\VS\opencv-4.5.3\buildx64\lib;%(AdditionalLibraryDirectories)’.

If I build the project, compiler shown the error
LNK1104 cannot open file ‘opencv_world453d.lib’

I had try to the name in ‘additional dependences’ as '‘opencv_world’, ‘opencv_world453’, ‘opencv_world453d’, all same modifications with extension ‘.lib’.

What I do incorrect?

how about Z:\WI\VS\opencv-4.5.3\buildx64\lib\ Debug

that’s where the file is, right?

Thank you! It works!