Conversion of video files to .bin files & upload to a hologram fan for iOS

Hi there- we are using an off the shelf hologram fan, and developing our own app for android and iOS to upload videos, modify content on the fan, etc. We have already developed an app for android that works great. Our iOS app works, connects to the fan, etc except for one problem. We cannot upload new videos from the iphone to the hologram fan. The hologram fan uses .bin format. The app converts the videos to .bin, and uploads to the hologram fan, using openCV. For some reason the code is working for android but not for our iOS app. We need this fixed for our iOS app so we can upload videos from the iPhone to the hologram fan. Any advice or consultation would be appreciated. I would be happy to hire and pay a programmer from this forum, and can send you a hologram fan for testing as well as the android and iOS code. Just need to get this solved - thank you!

you probably want to show us, what you’re doing here ?