Creating a program release that does not require opencv_world454.dll

Windows 10, Visual Studio 2019. I would like to make it so that the release of the program can run without opencv_world454.dll, located next to the exe file.
Is this possible? If it is a date, please tell me how to do it. I tried to do this by setting “Multithreaded (/MT)” in the project settings, but the dll is still required.

Add the directory containing opencv_world454.dll to the system/user path so that it can be picked up when you run your program.

you are asking to link “statically”, i.e. put the library code in your executable.

DLLs are called DLLs because that is “dynamic” linking.

if you want to link statically, you will have to consult with a lawyer because software licenses may prohibit doing that. or at least read all the licenses that are involved. opencv uses one of two licenses, depending on version. the third party libraries that opencv can use have their own licenses.

This is understandable, I was asking about the possibility of creating a single exe that would have an OpenCV function

I get it, thanks for the answer.