Installing 4.5.4 onto windows 10

I failed to make 4.5.4 run under linux, so I returned to winows. I followed this tutorial:

It looks like it still doesn’t work.
The example compiles but does not link, and probably it is natural as there are no library files (dll or lib) at the indicated paths excepting for opencv_world454.lib and opencv_world454d.lib.
I try to use Visual Studio Community under Windows10.
Could somebody explain me what I am doing wrong?
Thank you.

no, you did not do anything wrong,
the prebuilt version comes with “world” libs, which contain all other modules (like core, imgproc, etc.), so you only have to add this single library to your linker

Thanks a lot, it worked. The thing was that for this release it is was opencv_world454d.lib, not 420. My inattention, sorry.