Cuda HOG computed , conversion To image

Hi, now that Cuda is working, I am facing another challenge. i compute HOG features by Cuda, but the library does not convert the features to jpg image as CPU version does , can you support me to chaive this !

what do you mean ? (sounds you misunderstood something)
what would you need jpg images of hog features for ?

please explain…

the cpu hog OpenCV can return hog features and images that visualize the features , but Cuda returns only the features , so I need to code and to save the features as gray image .

what is your use-case for HOG ?
i still doubt, that you need an image visualization of the features, but if so, download to cpu & process as usual

I use it to train multimodal models; it takes a long time by the CPU but is quick with Cuda; Cuda returns a 2D array, but the documentation does not provide a detailed explanation.

something like this for visualization ?

i’d probably use the (1d) vector of histograms for that, not a drawn visualization image (far too much redundancy)

i need this format to use the same backbone for rgb image and optical flow so i just reduced the RGB 3 chs to one