Current Windows installation instructions?

The tutorial is out of date. (It was written for Windows 7. Pretty soon we will be at Windows 11. Python is located in the Users directory now, for instance.)

Are there more current install instructions somewhere? Thanks.


I am referring to these instructions:


Ignore the tutorial. These instructions actually work:

I can help you get set up on Windows (just 10, not 11) with Python 3.x and Visual Studio 2019.

where are you stuck?

the source and images for that page are at opencv/py_setup_in_windows.markdown at master · opencv/opencv · GitHub

would you be willing to submit a pull request with changes to these files? you’d be the best qualified because you (will) know exactly what’s needed to make it work.

alternatively, stick to python, pip install opencv-python.

I followed the much simpler GFG tutorial. I think it’s only like three steps. The steps worked immediately.

those “instructions” are literally to pip install opencv-python. that’s also what I suggested to you.

those instructions are not equivalent. one shows you how to build OpenCV from source, and it lets you use OpenCV in C++ programs, as well as python programs. the other gives you the built library for python only.

There are two separate sections of the tutorial: one merely for installing, the other for building from source.

I suspect both sections are outdated.