How to install OpenCV by downloading the latest version from Github?

I don’t find any guildline for installation, can anybody help me?

You must have NOT searched very hard to not to find any tutorial.

Did you try to google “build opencv”?

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I can’t open google since Chinese goverment closed the channel to open google from inner China.
Can anybody help me find the document and send me by a document of the installation guideline?

Okay, you can use any other search engine. I’m pretty sure Beidu or the search engine of your choice will find something for those keywords.
Here’s a tutorial anyway: opencv Tutorial => Build and install OpenCV from source or OpenCV: Installation in Linux
My suggestion (compared to the tutorial) is to use cmake-gui instead of cmake so you can set more parameters. Here’s a reference for those options: OpenCV: OpenCV configuration options reference . I suggest to use WITH_QT for a better interface.

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Thank you so much for your kind help.
I am trying to install opencv on windows 10 and alone with Visual Studio 2019.
my problem is that I didn’t find any instruction for such installation.

I did fix all the problems by now.
Found instruction from Baidu.
One suggestion is to update the installation guide in tutorial so that new comers could easily get environment ready for learn and work with OpenCv.
Thank you again for your kind help again.!!!