method clarification

Hello., center_coordinates, radius, color, thickness)

In this method center_coordinates can have only two values XY or it can possibly take also 3rd value Z? If this method is working only with XY values, is there other opencv method that can take all XYZ coordinate values? Thanks in advance!

what do you expect that to do?

you picked the wrong library. pick a library for 3D graphics. maybe start with good old OpenGL…

Thanks for your advice! The idea is to do a Midpoint Circle Drawing with other python library for XYZ coordinates. You think OpenGL is the best for that or there are other more suitable libraries? Thanks in advance @crackwitz !!

I don’t even know what you want to do. you haven’t expressed that properly. I don’t see that you are of the complexity of what you’re asking. “drawing a circle in 3D” isn’t as trivial as you expect.

are you aware of “camera” models? the things that express the mapping from 3D to 2D, pictures?

a forum is the wrong place to ask to be taught computer graphics… and you need to learn about that, thoroughly.