Problem with cv2.HoughCircles

I am using cv2.HoughCircles for my project and estimating the centers of the circles over time, but the output always has a quantization error. I am wondering if anyone knows the reason? Thanks.

show code / example image, please

I can only share this line: circles = cv2.HoughCircles(binary, cv2.HOUGH_GRADIENT, dp=A, minDist=B, minRadius=C, maxRadius=D, param2=E)

please understand the hough transform… the values you pass it determine the amount of quantization.

I am going to make my question clearer.
I have a group of images that has been obtained by small changes in the center of circles over time. But applying cv2.HoughCircles results in having the same center for circles over time. I am wondering how it is solvable?

you’re gonna have to show your pictures.