Detecting terrain model elevation with dual cameras

Hi everyone! I need to replicate somethins like in this video: Simulador de un mapa topográfico dinámico - YouTube

So, basically: 1) Measure Z coordinates at each X,Y position. I was thinking maybe this could be done with some OpenCV work on a pair of distant cameras??

  1. Generate a color image that’s directly related to elevation (Z) of each pixel.

I would like to find some open source solution for this, as what I’m intending is not 100% what you can see in the video but it needs some twaking.

Thanks in advance!

use a kinect or similar camera/sensor. don’t bother building your own stereo setup from individual cameras.

Do you have experience with this? Is it easy to find open source applications that scan a surface and let me modify the program to do with it what I need?