Detecting the speed / physical location of a baseball / hockey puck

Hi All,

For my kids, I’m looking for a system that can detect either a hockey puck, or baseball (or both) and the speed / position. Trajectory is nice, but not really required.

For baseball, I’d like to understand where exactly the ball hits (accuracy), and with how much force.

I was thinking of cameras and trying to do both, but then realized it might be easier to use some sort of board that can detect pressure, as opposed to tracking the ball/puck. Is there anything like that that can take an impact and return the location / force of impact?

Hi @thedead

I found this by googling:

I believe training a DNN is the general way to do it.

Amazing, thank you. Some how my googling skills didn’t find this one :frowning:

Well, it’s not THAT obvious. The word “detector” was the key in this search. Detection is the name of this problem: localizing something in an image.