DNG Camera Calibration


I’m trying to build a calibration profile for some RAW DNG files.

I have opencv calibration parameters in the form [k1 k2 p1 p2 k3], for example:
1.85007269038328814e-01 -6.27484109489924613e-01 5.93816334068702329e-04 -1.14584511526930706e-03 6.41327082336750953e-01

but seems that are not compatible with the WarpRectilinear function defined in the DNG specs 1.7 defined in this way (pag. 104)

The result is kind of very strong, do you know if I need to scale any parameter?

Thank you

I found out that the DNG Frame Warp is the brown conrady (un)distortion model with a parameter fixed to 1.0 and a tangential parameters switched (p1=t1,p2=t0)