Does triangulatePoints() undistort and rectify given points?

Dear community,
I am trying to recover 3d Pose from 2 corresponding observations of a stereo camera setup. I did a stereo camera calibration initially so I have my P1, P2, R1 and R2 as well as my 2 points at hand.

To obtain 3D Points I first undistort my initial corresponding pixel coordinates with undistortPoints() and triangulate them using triangulatePoints()

However I am confused about how triangulatePoints() preprocesses its arguments because I am getting nonsense result which does not correspond to ground truth at all. So I am starting to debug.

Therefore my question is: Does triangulatePoints do undistortion too or do I have to cakk it myself?

And in which case do I need to pass R1/R2 and/or P1/P2 into undistortPoints()

Thank you in advance for your help!

it can’t. it doesn’t take any arguments required for that operation.

I can’t comment on the other question.