Encrypting individual pixel values of an image using pycrypto AES-128

Can i know whether it is possible to encrypt the individual pixel values of an image using pycrypto aes-128?

no, you cannot do this for “individual pixels”.
AES works on 128 bit chunks (16 bytes) at a time,
so you need at least that amount of data

also, just curious – why would you want to encrypt single pixels ?

Thank you for your reply. Wanted to know whether pixel by pixel encryption can be done as we can do it using one time pad encryption.

what is the use-case of this ? why a single pixel ?

explain that in more depth, please

To encrypt the pixels selectively for an assignment.

again, you can encode 16 byte blocks, but not single bytes.
(this is a limitation of the AES algorithm, irresp. of any library implemeting it)

did you understand that ?

just post the assignment. let us interpret it.

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okay. Thank you. How about DES and RSA?