Example of videoio dynamically loaded backend

According to OpenCV: Video I/O with OpenCV Overview, it should be possible to dynamically load the gstreamer backend (vs finding it at OpenCV compile time), but I’m not sure how to make this feature work. I tried compiling OpenCV with -DWITH_GSTREAMER=ON -DVIDEOIO_PLUGIN_LIST=gstreamer, then linking my project against both opencv:videoio and gstreamer, but I still don’t see gstreamer as an enabled backend when I run cv::videoio_registry::hasBackend.

Is there an example I could look at for how to load videio backends dynamically?

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mate, you are our canary here, noone has tried this before … :frowning:

did it produce an opencv_videoio_gstreamer.dll ?
can you show the cmake (console) output ?