Opencv cannot load the camera parameters

When I run the code, the Calibration work but it cannot load the arucoMarker camera parameters in to the exe windows.
When I debug the code
The cmd get error DynamicLib::libraryload …\opencv_videoio_gstreamer452_64d.dll every time it get into


Here is the full code of the function

void cameraCalibrationProcess(Mat& cameraMatrix, Mat& distortionCoefficients)
    Mat frame;
    Mat drawtoframe;
    vector<Mat> savedImages;
    vector<vector<Point2f>> markerCorners, rejectedCandidates; //for aruco marker
    VideoCapture vid(0);
    if (!vid.isOpened())
    int framepersecond = 20;
    namedWindow("Webcam", WINDOW_AUTOSIZE);

    while (true)
        if (!
        vector<Vec2f> foundpoints;
        bool found = false;
        found = findChessboardCorners(frame, checkerboard, foundpoints, CALIB_CB_ADAPTIVE_THRESH | CALIB_CB_NORMALIZE_IMAGE | CALIB_CB_FAST_CHECK);
        drawChessboardCorners(drawtoframe, checkerboard, foundpoints, found);
        if (found)
            imshow("Webcam", drawtoframe);
            imshow("Webcam", frame);
        char character = waitKey(1000 / framepersecond);


int main(int argv, char** argc)

Mat cameraMatrix = Mat::eye(3, 3, CV_64F);
Mat distortionCoefficients;

cameraCalibrationProcess(cameraMatrix, distortionCoefficients);
//loadCamera("CalibrationOutput", cameraMatrix, distortionCoefficients);
//startWebcam(cameraMatrix, distortionCoefficients, arucoSquareDimension);
return 0;


you’re safe to ignore that info msg, it’s not an error (no, you probably do not have a opencv_videoio_gstreamer452_64d.dll, IF it existed, it would just be an additional option to load video, and that msg will also only appear in debug builds)

now, once we got this out of the way, -

what do you mean, exactly ? it’s unclear.