Eye to Hand Calibration OpenCV

I am new to this Eye to Hand calibration. I have read the opencv documentation. It says that we need to use cv2.calibrateHandEye(R_gripper2base, t_gripper2base, R_target2cam, t_target2cam).

Can somebody help me by clearly explaining what input values we need to provide, from where these input values need to be taken, and how it has to be in matrix format? Particularly for (R_target2cam, t_target2cam).I am using the UFactory Arm robot and Intel Realsense camera. So I need to calibrate both. Kindly guide me.

This is my Robot position coordinates below:

So, I think I have Rx,Ry,Rz for R_gripper2base. X,Y,Z for t_gripper2base. What and where can I get the values for R_target2cam, t_target2cam?