Fabs(sc) > DBL_EPSILON

Hi when I run CalibrateCamera I get this error fabs(sc) > DBL_EPSILON.

To try solve the issue I have reduced the Calibration set of images to 1 checkerboard image 11 squares by 8.

I am passing an obj_points array of 1 item containing 70 sets of x,y,z all 0 value, a img_points array of 1 item containing 70 sets of x,y values all with numeric values, a size object containing a width of 640 and a height of 480.

Does anyone have any ideas to point me in the right direction on this one so I can get the calibration sorted.

This is the test image i am using to test the calibration function after i have run DrawChessboardCorners

show complete error msg, please

A single frontally viewed board will never be enough for a calibration.

It’s complaining because it can’t calculate a solution from the data.

Thank you and apologies for the confusion, I was initially using 40 images to calibrate the camera but when I hit the issue I reduced it to 1 simple chessboard image not to carry out the calibration but just to test the error.

I have managed to track down and solve the bug and it was all my fault I was using incorrect values in the obj_points array and now my calibration seems to work.