Find rotation axis for the 3D scanner


I have calibrated the stereo system and charuco board that I rotate on the table.
I successfully can get corresponding 3D points on position 1 and position 2.
How can I find the rotation axis?
I was trying to use EstimateAffine3D but this function returns different values all the time that are completely different.

Please help.

when dealing with charuco boards, use aruco functions.

Thank you Mr. Christoph for your time,

I used the functions of this library to match the points before and after the rotation. Also calculate their 3D coordinates. But apparently, the problem is not with the library or the documentation, but with me. I’ve been looking at various functions for the third day and I can’t figure out which of them will help to find the axis of rotation. That’s why I asked for help. If you know the name of the function that calculates the axis of rotation, please tell me its name.