Obtaining the rotation of a camera

Dear Community,

For my project I need the rotation of the camera relative to a wall. The camera views the scene with a certain rotation. Measuring this by hand is difficult. For this reason I tried to use the approach of camera calibration with Aruco markers to get the rotation matrix of the camera. For this I used the following tutorial. However, I get very different results. In the picture you can see a camera. Theoretically the yaw rotation should be about 45°. But my result is in the range of about 60°.

I followed this tutorial: https://automaticaddison.com/how-to-perform-pose-estimation-using-an-aruco-marker/

Am I using the wrong method? Or am I doing something wrong? I could not find a solution to this problem, so I am asking for help here.

Thank you very much.


Hi there. Are you sure it is not 60º?

I believe you are measuring 45º on the horizontal plane, but your camera is looking from above. Put your camera in the same plane the marker is (lower your camera) so it look the marker in an horizontal line.

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