Gaze estimation with C++, which method?

I’m thinking if I could add gaze estimation to my existing c++ project. Seems that if I would be running with Python the choose could be GazeML or iTracker? But since I’m doing this with C++ I was thinking if I could use YoloV5 for this? And if so, should I download model “” and convert it to ONNX? Or am I totally lost here?

how would you use an object detection model for gaze estimation ?
it does not make any sense

Ok, good point. Understood something wrong when I was scrolling related samples on the web. Sorry.

Any hints what could work here?

well, the ‘old school’ idea, off my head would be something in the line of:

  • face detection
  • landmarks
  • 3d headpose (solvePnP)
  • physical ‘raycasting’ through the pupils
  • then combine tranformations

however, i’m almost sure, nowadays you can find a cnn, doing all of this in one go …