Gsoc 2023 with openCV

Hello Everyone ! I m really exited to contribute to openCV. Can someone guide me how to proceed, I have been contributing to Godot ( GitHub - godotengine/godot: Godot Engine – Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine ) for past 3 months but recent they decided that they won’t be taking part in gsoc 2023 since they have a big release coming soon and everyone is busy with it.
I have complete a computer vision course as part of my curriculum( also implemented openCV in few projects ) and am also familiar with the tech stack since it is same as Godot. Is It possible to start now and still get selected ? I know i am pretty late to the party but do let me know if it is possible, i am ready to put in the hours that are required.

see GSoC_2023 · opencv/opencv Wiki · GitHub

i dont think so, have a look at last year’s timeline

:sweat_smile: i meant in terms of contributions and the knowledge about the code base others might have an edge.