Has this been done? Object tracking that displays dots on a map

I just wanted to check before I started writing this myself.

The goal is to have a floorplan / map of a space, such as a home or business, and plot dots on that map that represent tracked objects. (Identifying, labeling, and persistence is a stretch goal.)

My plan was to plot the locations of cameras and their view frustums in 3d space, then use the bounding boxes of tracked objects to project a volume through that space. One camera enough wouldn’t be enough to plot a point on a map, but if the area is covered by two or more cameras, then those projections would overlap and would create a new intersect volume. The centroid of that volume would give me the point to plot on the map.

So, before I spend the next week bashing my head against the wall to build this, has it been built before? :slight_smile: