How can I find implementation of some function?

I want to find usage of functions.
I use Visual Studio Code and tried shortcut or context menu but none of them work.
OpenCV version: 4.5.4

I’m quite a newbie and I feel like I don’t know or miss very basic thing.

For example, I want to find the implementation of ‘open’ function in highgui.hpp
There is a definition:

CV_WRAP virtual bool open(int device);

so first I searched what is CV_WRAP but only found 1 answer that ‘wrapper should be generated for this function’ and there was no more information.

  • How can I find implementation of this function in this case?

It was hard to find a way to go to the implementation of this function, so I tried quite stupid way.
I just guess that it is implemented in videoio\src\cap.cpp because it was one of the source files in cmake list of highgui module in the old version of OpenCV (2.4.11), and it has implementation of ‘open’ function.
And I also found cap_dshow.cpp in the same folder, and just guess ‘open’ function below is called if I call ‘open’ function with direct show backend, but I couldn’t find the link between the ‘open’ function in cap.cpp and cap_dshow.cpp

bool CvCaptureCAM_DShow::open( int _index )

I also wanted to try who use this ‘open’ function in cap_dshow.cpp, but none of shortcut nor context menu of visual studio work.

  • Please let me know if somebody know any shortcut of ‘find usage’.

Please let me know if you need further information, or if you can give me any recommended documents or someting to study about this issue.

Thank you in advance.
Best wishes,