Is the implementation code of the function (cv::FeatureDetector::detect) open source code?

Hello, everyone!
Do before CUDA, I’m new in opencv, due to the environment without cudafeatures2d. hpp, so I want to find the source code of CV: : FeatureDetector: : detect(InputArray image, CV_OUT std::vector& keypoints, InputArray mask=noArray()), try to do the transplantation of CUDA, but I only found the function definition in the source of opencv, no implementation was found.

Therefore, I would like to ask if there is an open source code for this function, or if I should reinstall the environment.

Thank you!

src for the CUDA FeatureDetector(s) is here:

Thank you ver much! I found the corresponding implementation in OpenCV4.5, not FeatureDetector: : detect, but Feature2D::detect.

FeatureDetector and Feature2D are the same thing :wink:

Yeah, Thank you very much! :yum: