Incompatible changes in OpenCV 3.4 / feature detectors?

I’m currently updating my code to work with OpenCV 3.4 and found some incompatibilities. So opencv2/features2d/features2d.hpp still contains cv::SiftFeatureDetector


are nol onger there.

Even Google did not help, one solution with xfeature2d.hpp is none as no such header exists in version 3.4.

So what happened to Surf and Orb - or what are the replacements?

Thank you!

look in the contrib repo, you need the extra module xfeatures2d
and so on


I’m using the released source package from OpenCV - Browse /3.4.16 at to have a defined state, but there seems to be no contrib contained. Is there a possibility to get even this contrib-stuff for a specific release? Or does one really have to deal with the GIT-sources where I do not see what release/version they belong to?

browse the tags

and no, i don’t think there are binary releases of contrib