How can I retexture a cloud points from 3D reconstruction by sfm

I recently took a look at the 3D reconstruction using SFM on sparses reconstructions tutorial. I can compile the example and get visualization of the cloud points with Viz as suggested by the tutorial.It works fine. However, my goal is to have a textured 3D model instead of cloud points visualization, maybe with meshes as a .obj file or something like that. So the main target is to retrieve a single reconstructed texture based on generated cloud points. And the question : is there a specific way or tutorial to do so? If there are some interesting links it will be welcome. Thank you for your answers.

surface mesh from point cloud

that’s a little beyond OpenCV’s metier.

you’re looking for libraries for “geometry processing”, point clouds, etc

“PCL” (point cloud library, yes very creative) might do what you want. there are more libraries.

one of the approaches I’ve heard of applies kernels to the point cloud and tries to estimate oriented discs. from that, there seems to be a way to construct a mesh.

point clouds are messy. so is the processing and the results.

Thank you Crackwitz for your answer and for orienting my research. But do you suggest me to use PCL project to get my point cloud and then reach my goal or do you recommand me to use OpenCV to get the point cloud and manipulate it with PCL to get surface mesh , getting a reconstructed texture by the way?

You could try building a pipeline with OpenMVG and OpenMVS libraries, it would go something like this:

Do reconstruction (SFM) with OpenMVG using those steps:

Next you convert initial scene to MVS and:
densify point cloud
reconstruct mesh
refine mesh
texture mesh.

Details here: Usage · cdcseacave/openMVS Wiki · GitHub