How Do I Implement SSD based face tracking in Visual studio 2019/2017

How Do I Implement SSD based face tracking in Visual studio 2019/2017 ?


that’s a broad question. it consists of multiple components that you have to break down. please show what you’ve done to try to answer that question yourself using available online resources.

what multiple components ? Please clarify

SSD is a type of detector. detection can be a part of tracking. tracking is when you associate detections over time.

I can only repeat myself. please use a search engine. this is a commonly sought after topic and much has been written.

How do I fixed this in visual Microsoft-19 Opencv ?
#include “includeLibraries.h”
#include “matplotLibcpp.h”
#include “displayImages.h”

there is no such thing as “Microsoft-19 Opencv”
and those headers are not part of the opencv library
(maybe you can clarify, where you found those ?).

however, please take a look at the object detection sample , which can be used to detect faces with an SSD model

visual studio 2019, those files are showing errors in my system. I am implementing opencv code.

again, not part of opencv. please explain, how they got into your code
(you obviously copypasted something from somewhere …)

and again, please NO SCREENSHOTS OF CODE here. (can’t be quoted, indexed, tried, etc.)

Yes I did, but if is not opencv, from C++ ?
please tell me how do I fixed them.

try to remember, where you stole it ;(

why do you even insist on using that code ?

(throw it away, and rather try opencv’s detection sample)

I am learning.
Computer Vision 1: Introduction (C++) opencv, where I found the code.
I want to implement ‘‘Deep Learning based face Detection’’ in visual studio 2019 to control IP camera.
I use cmake extra module to tracking and curl library to move camera. It is not working fast and robust.
I saw SSD based face detection is fast enough, that is only the reason I am implementing.

Please advise me I am totally new on this field

there is probably some github repo, where you can find the whole code ?

but in general, the advice is:

start small, from scratch. write your own code. do NOT copypaste things you don’t understand, seriously…

link please from github repo ?

i don’t have any. it’s your job to find out, not mine.