How do I inspect the pin bend of a connector?

I want to inspect the bends on the connector pins, but I don’t know what to do.

Here I upload a sample image.

Thank you.


is this for industrial optical inspection? the answer predicts how much trouble you should be willing to go to, and predicts the quality of the solution you might need.

either throw deep learning at it, or stereo/depth vision.

you can implement an inspection program specific to this connector, with controlled lighting and low level (simple) image processing methods.

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yes, it’s inderstry insepction. I am wondering what to do with the lighting and how to inspect it.

can you try to explain more ? what exactly are you looking for here ?

First, I want to set the standard position of the pins and see if the pins are out of the standard position.

Among the attached images, the pins are well-aligned in the image written “OK”, and the alignment in the image written “NG” is not uniform.

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the tips of the pins are flat. they reflect light.

so make sure they continue to do that, by positioning the light such that it reflects on the tips, into the camera.

then threshold the picture by brightness.

find bright spots in the areas where you expect them (inside of the connector).

locate them.

determine if they’re in the intended position or not.

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