How install doc on opencv?

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I enabled this flag [ BUILD_DOCS ] on cmake and installed this app [ doxygen 1.9.2 ] from this link : doxygen-1.9.2-setup.exe (48.0MB)
but when i build opencv, in this path [ OpenCV\4.5.4\build\install\doc\html ] nothing exist! its empty!

How do I set this flag [ OPENCV_DOCS_DOT_PATH ] ? I set this value [ I know it’s wrong but I said maybe … ] :
C:\Program Files\doxygen\bin\doxygen.exe

as i remember you need to install

also you can download whole doc files from

you might have overlooked the difference between DOT and DOC

DOT is a file format for graphs… hence graphviz

you put the wrong thing in that variable

doxygen is probably picked up by opencv without an explicit path, but just when it’s findable in the PATH environment variable

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again, the dot tool from graphviz is only used to generate nicer dependancy graphs, it will build the docs fine without it

and the path to doxygen.exe needs to go into DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE

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yes i set this flag [ DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE ] before with this value :
C:/Program Files/doxygen/bin/doxygen.exe
I forgot to mention this in my first post.

I’m a little confused now, where am I wrong?

you should have a

 Documentation:               doxygen

line in the OpenCV modules: section of the cmake output.

are you still using mingw ? i remember having to call:

mingw32-make doxygen 

explicitly (before install)