How to calibrate stereo

After numerous attempts to calibrate the cameras, the result is always something like this:

Is there any special way to calibrate cameras, what could be the problem?

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your board is symmetric (180 degree rotational).

use a board with one dimension being odd and the other being even. that’ll not be rotationally symmetric.

A board with asymmetrical circles would will be better, like on dji drones?

This chessboard is made of four sheets of A4, maybe the problem is that they are not positioned correctly?

  1. picture: bad. has 180 degree rotational symmetry.
  2. picture: good. has no rotational symmetry.
  3. picture: bad. has 180 degree rotational symmetry.
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Thanks now I’m using a printed size board on A2 asymtric gride, but it looks like it’s not just the board. Array objectsPoints, what units of measurement should I enter the size of the circle or the distance between the circles for variable squareSize? In integers, for example, 50 mm circle diameter of
70mm spacing distance?

  for( int i = 0; i < boardSize.height; i++ )
     for( int j = 0; j < boardSize.width; j++ )
        corners.push_back(Point3f(float((2*j + i % 2) * squareSize), float(i* squareSize ), 0));