Interactive calibration app

I’m using the opencv interactive calibration app but I’m having some issues with circles pattern target. The app can detect the circles grid of my checkerboard but all the frames are rejected.

The checkerboard is perfectly flat however even if the circles grid is always detected, all the frames are rejected.

Do you know what can be the problem with a symmetric circles grid pattern?
Why all my frames are rejected?

Thank you

pictures and settings please.

Thank you for your reply.

I solved the issue by modifying the source code. In the source code the circles grid geometry is defined as asymmetric. While my target is a symmetric circles grid. So the angles computed in CalibProcessor::checkLastFame() were always too large making the function return isFrameBad=True (frame rejected).
So my solution was to replace the circle grid objectpoints definition from asymmetric to symmetric (like a chessboard).
Now I can calibrate using a symmetric circles grid pattern

for monocular vision it’ll be okay.

for stereo/multi vision you will get in trouble because the grid’s points might be ordered differently in each view, purely because of how the grid looks in that view. wrongly ordered points will destroy the calibration.

I’m not getting what you mean.
Can you please explain with more details what you mean?

I’m using that pattern for the calibration, not for other tasks

Thank you

is this for intrinsic calibration or extrinsic calibration?

Intrinsics only.

For the calculation of the extrinsic parameters of a stereo camera, you are right. I see your point