How to create wheel package

I have built special versions of opencv for my boards which use aarch64LE code. I managed to create a wheel file that installs on target, but for some reason the Python code, and extension code are not found. It seems that I have missed a step. Registration of the symbols is not happening…

Does anyone have an example file that could create the wheel after compilation of both the libraries and the python3 bindings is complete?

I looked at the opencv-python library, but it builds everything I need to package the very specific make’s output.

Try this.

from setuptools import setup, find_packages
from setuptools.extension import Extension
import os
import sysconfig

# Define the extension module
extensions = [
        'your_package_name.your_module_name',  # Change to your actual module name
        sources=['your_source_file.cpp'],  # Replace with your source file(s)
        include_dirs=['/path/to/opencv/headers'],  # Specify the path to OpenCV headers
        libraries=['opencv_core', 'opencv_highgui'],  # Add any necessary OpenCV libraries
        language='c++',  # Adjust if you're using a different language

# Get the path to the OpenCV shared library
opencv_lib_path = '/path/to/opencv/libs'  # Replace with the actual path

# Define the setup parameters
    package_data={'your_package_name': [os.path.join(opencv_lib_path, '*.so')]},  # Adjust file extension as needed
        # List your dependencies here
        'console_scripts': [
            # If your package includes any command-line scripts

Please change your package name and then try.