How to crop this

Hi, I’ve got an image as attached. I would like to crop it from left to right (width). I would like to crop the barcode and numbers

I tried something like this:

  • convert to grayscale,
  • crop all pixels that value is greater than threshold
    This approach doesn’t work well. Any sugestions?
 image = img
    height = image.shape[0]
    width = image.shape[1]
    TRESHOLD = 253
    left_pos = 0
    right_pos = 0
    for i in range(height):
        for j in range(width):
            if (image[i][j] > TRESHOLD):
                if left_pos == 0:
                    left_pos = j
                if right_pos < j:
                    right_pos = j

    print("Leftpos: ",left_pos)
    print("rightpos: ",right_pos)
    crop_image = image[0:height, left_pos:right_pos]
    cv2.imwrite('result.jpg', crop_image)  # result image