How to detect oversized stone on the belt conveyor in realtime?

How to detect the oversized stone in running belt conveyor.we have to pass only a pee defined sized stone over conveyor. But sometime due to some reason oversized stone passed over I want to detect the oversized stone and keep log of it.
Please guide how to proceed…


a shutterstock picture won’t do. present what you have.

Image Removed from my post
Please guide me…how I will proceed

perhaps you’d be better served by a comprehensive course on “automated optical inspection” as it is used in industrial settings (applies to all industrial machine vision, not just PCBs. wikipedia is taking this too narrowly)


From above image I have to find the bigger stone

3 month later, yet still no own attempt at it ?

you can use deep learning. take an existing network, retrain it on a dozen examples from your own data.

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