How to estimate speed of the vehicle in fast forwarded video?

Hi Everyone, has anyone tried to estimate the speed of the vehicle in the fast-forwarded video? The video was captured/recorded using CCTV and it is not at normal speed. It would be helpful if anyone suggests to me any article or resource.


that’s rather vague. can you do better? what have you researched/found?

I have a traffic monitoring video. wherein I need to detect the objects first and then estimate the speed of each vehicle.

The CCTV footage has been recorded and saved in a fast-forwarded way where 2 hours of traffic session has been stored as a 9min video. Moreover, I haven’t been provided with the distance of the road to calculate the speed.

Any suggestion, to calculate the speed without distance and in the fast-forwarded video.

figuring out elapsed real time from video frames should be trivial, so I’ll assume that’s not a problem.

you need to measure distances.

for that, you need some type of size reference.

please show your data.