How to extract laser line ( equation of points )

I want to extract the laser line here like a line, at the same time I want to detect the positions of the points on it. I did research on this subject and read a few articles that said that I could find the center of the laser strip using sub-pixel analysis, but I couldn’t understand it. Can you guide me a tutorial video etc. Can you suggest a source?

classic XY problem …

reference, please ?

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Yes you’re right, reference Laser line extraction with sub-pixel accuracy for
3D measurements - Laser line extraction with sub-pixel accuracy for 3D measurements (

that’s an interesting paper !

however, there might be much simpler solutions.

tell us about your image,

  • is the slope at the end significant ?

  • what do those ‘bumps’ represent (real world 3d things, or simply outliers ?

  • are you looking for a 'straight line (like ax+b or p1-p0) here ?

This is just an example. Indeed I want to measure distance and extract the profile like Sawtooth wave. It sounds simple when you think of it as the distance between 2 points, but here the interference effects and the thickness of the laser line make big changes in the precision of the measurements.

I mean, it may look like a flat line. But there is no such fixed, so what is measured may be a fixed line or a parametric equation.