How to get a parametric view

I want to get a parametric view of a raster floor plan image after converting it to vector

can you show an example of what you mean?

what have you tried to achieve what you want?

i have tried to convert the image into vector. But don’t know am i getting the right output or not

that picture is a thumbnail. I can hardly recognize what it is trying to show. it is truly useless.

your explanation is still unclear to me. it is difficult to understand the scope of your problem. you need to get better at presenting the problem.

just use inkscape. inkscape can convert raster graphics to vector graphics.

I need to create a parametric model of floor plan. the input given is a raster image of a floor plan, first i have to convert it into a vectorized data structure. then a parametrized model of this plan has to be created where various building elements such as walls, columns, etc are automatically generated using predefined architectural assumptions and clustered based on type, position and continuity.

that looks like it’s from a scientific paper.

why don’t you reference it, link to it? that is what I mean. you need to put effort into your question. don’t make others do your work for you. I will spend no further time on this.